Rewireable cylindrical single pole rocker switch with earth terminal

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Cylindrical shape and compact sizing: this rewireable single pole rocker switch is made from thermoplastic and comes with an earth terminal. A product that offers a practical option to adjust the power supply, which thanks to its distinctive look and available colours (black and white), offers timeless versatility for those looking to add a special touch to their table lamp. It can also be used to replace a preexisting switch.

Can be used with all 2x0,75 and 3x0,75 round and twisted cables from Creative-Cables.

When should the single pole rocker switch be used?

The single pole rocker switch offers an extremely intuitive on/off switch. This kind of switch was designed to interrupt the phase (a pole), contrary to the two-pole switch which simultaneously interrupts both phase and neutral (two poles). Overall, single-pole switches are perfect for low-power electrical appliances, including table lamps.

What are the advantages of using a rocker switch?

A rocker simply consists of the usual switch button that, when pressed on one side or the other, maintains the same position. The design is practical, which makes the product easy to use with one hand.

Cylindrical design, for a modern and sophisticated touch

This cylindrical inline single-pole rocker switch offers a different aesthetic compared to traditional rectangular switches. Its distinctive design adds a modern, refined touch to any space.

Which colours are available?

This switch is available in two timeless colours: black and white. These versatile colour options ensure a seamless lighting arrangement that blends with any design and décor. The white adds a clean, modern look, whilst black is more refined and sophisticated.

To sum it up, the cylindrical inline single-pole rocker switch with floor cable clamp is a functional, versatile solution for your lamps. The rocker design, cylindrical shape and available colours make this product the perfect choice for any space, on top of being reliable and safe.

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Nominal voltage: 250V
Resistive load: 2A
Inductive load: 0,5A
Lamp load: 0,5A
Consumption: max 75W - LED lamps
Terminals: screw
Measurements: ⌀ 25 mm length 72,5 mm

CE Quality Mark

Use - for wiring on lighting devices
Flat cables H03VVH2-F 2x0,75mm2, round cables H03VV-F 2x-3x0,75mm2 and twisted cables FRRTX 2x-3x0,75mm2
Flat cables H03V2V2H2-F 2x0,75mm2 or round cables H03V2V2-F 2x-3x0,75mm2 T90°C

ATTENTION: before operating, shut the power off through the main switch.

Data sheet
Product typeRocker switch
MaincolorWhite, Black

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