Inline single-pole foot switch Creative Switch soft green

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Foot Switches are usually used for floor lamps, but their fun and unusual nature makes them perfect components even for table lamps. In addition to that, our cases and buttons come in cool and unusual colour palettes.

To give every lamp that unique and fun flair, we came up with a round inline foot switch with a soft green case. Lively and intense pastel tones, for those who want an exciting and unusual addition to their homes.
What about the button? Pick from the different colour shades, either paired or in contrast.

Attention: before installing or substituting the single-pole inline switch, remove tension from the general control panel.

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Nominal tension: 250V
Resistive load: 2A
Lamp load: 1A
Cable clamps: screw
Floor cable clamp: si
Use: for wirings for class II illumination appliances with H03VVH2-F, 2x0,75mm² flat cables and H03VV-F, 2x0,75mm² round cables and H03VVH2-F 3x0,75mm2.
Measurements: ø 65 mm - H 23 mm

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Product typeFoot switch

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