Configurator Corner

Revolutionise the way you sell lighting


Our architects will design an installation in your shop, with a few selected products to intrigue, help and inspire your customers.


A dedicated version of the Creative-Cables Configurator for customers to use on wall-mounted touch screens, computers, tablets or smartphones, accompanied by a salesperson or on their own. Customers create their custom-made lamp, while playing.


A material library (optional) organised in drawers for people to touch, check colour combinations and confirm choices.

The Configurator Corner makes selling custom products a simple and automated process.
No IT integration, no catalogues to learn or consult, no codes and prices to remember. Hundreds of thousands of possible configurations, available to your customers, with no need to stock the product.
The selection of configurable models can be customised to match the offer of the point of sale.
The customer retail price level is also fully configurable.

Who is it dedicated to?

Configurator Corner has been thought for a selected number of Point of sale.

  • Lighting shops
  • Furniture shops
  • Concept Stores
  • Home accessory shops
  • Garden centres and outdoor furniture

How much space is required?

  • From 0,5 square meter up to 10 square meters
  • at least one free wall

How much investment does it require?

  • Little, very little and in any case, it varies according to the individual project depending on the amount of material to be displayed, which device will be used for the configurator and the use of the material library.
  • The installation and use of the configurator is completely free of charge.
  • The design of the space is handled by Creative-Cables.

What do we offer?

  • Free of charge and customised design of the display according to the needs and type of space.
  • Touch screen configurator: the customer composes the lamp of their desire and receive it in the shop, with no stock commitment for the point of sale.
  • Material library: a set of customised drawer units (optional) for the customer to "touch" the materials used in the configurator.
  • An automatic order system to make the procurement process quick and easy.
  • Extra discounts on the displayed products.
  • Store location on as an official Corner where you can find Creative-Cables products.

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