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Ultra Soft lighting cables

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  • Ultra soft
    Stunning lighting suspensions thanks to these Creative-Cables Ultra Soft cables. The silicone sheath adds flexibility and prevents the formation of unsightly folds and bumps, for flawless suspension lamps.What’s the main difference between the silicone and traditional cables?An electric cable with fabric lining has never been so flexible: the silicone...
  • Ultra soft
    Enjoy customising your electric cables with our gorgeous fabric selection and show off your flawless suspension lamps thanks to the silicone sheath and Ultra Soft cables which help prevent unsightly bumps.What sets silicone cables apart from traditional ones?If you’re looking for extreme flexibility and versatility, these silicone cables are the ideal...
  • Ultra soft
    So much more than simple electric cables with lining: the Creative-Cables silicone collection bring together the refined elegance of white cotton with the Ultra Soft sheath. The result? An electric cable with fabric lining with unprecedented flexibility. For stunning and fully customizable cables that prevent unsightly folds and guarantees straight falls...
  • Ultra soft
    The silicone sheath is the perfect answer for your illumination projects that involve fabric cables with perfectly straight falls without unsightly folds. The Ultra Soft texture makes this fabric cable more flexible than ever: for flawless falls on any suspension lamp.What sets these silicone cables apart from traditional PVC ones?Their flexibility...
  • Ultra soft
    The Creative-Cables Ultra Soft silicone cables ensure perfect falls for each suspension lamp, and the special sheath covers the copper wires and helps avoid unsightly bumps..What sets apart silicone cables from traditional ones?Their impressive flexibility makes these cables the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality, versatile product....
  • Ultra soft
    Just like fabric lining is the solution for beautiful and highly customisable electrical cables, silicone sheathing is the way to eliminate any unsightly folds from these cables. Our electrical cables have never been so flexible: the Ultra Soft cables provide perfect falls in every suspension lamp.What’s the difference between silicone and traditional...
  • Ultra soft
    Sleek softness and distinctive colours for the newest Creative-Cables Ultra Soft cable. Thanks to the silicone sheath, this electric cable with fabric lining has reached new levels of flexibility. Straight and flawless falls for every suspension lamp while still avoiding unsightly bumps; and, needless to say, the red fabric lining will be sure to...
  • Ultra soft
    This electric cable with fabric lining has never been so flexible: thanks to the silicone sheath, these Ultra Soft cables by Creative-Cables guarantee a flawless fall for any suspension lamp while avoiding unsightly bumps.What are the main differences between silicone and traditional cables?The silicone cables boast an additional malleability and...
  • Ultra soft
    Say goodbye to unsightly bumps found in fabric covered electric cables: thanks to the silicone sheath the Creative-Cables Ultra Soft cables will boast added flexibility, guaranteeing a perfect and linear fall to any suspension lampWhat’s the difference between silicone and traditional cables?The electric cable with fabric lining has never been so...
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

Thanks to their flexibility, Creative-Cables' Ultra Soft silicone lighting cables fit perfectly with any pendant lamp, providing impeccable drops without ugly folds or bumps. These premium cables are designed for the most demanding customers and represent the ultimate evolution of fabric-covered electrical cables.

How are Ultra Soft cables made?

Creative-Cables' Ultra Soft cables are made with a silicone sheath instead of the traditional PVC one. This sheath is equally efficient but even more elastic and flexible. Among the coatings, high-quality materials such as cotton, linen, and jute are used, giving the cable a refined look, perfect for creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere in any home or workspace.

What colors are available for Ultra Soft cables?

Ultra Soft lighting cables are available in a wide range of colors to meet every design need. You can choose from vibrant colors to add a touch of personality to your environment or opt for neutral and sophisticated shades. Whether you're looking for a fiery red cable, a charcoal black cable, or an optical white cable for your lighting project, you'll find the perfect tone.

Why choose Creative-Cables' Ultra Soft lighting cables?

These cables are the ideal solution for those who want to combine aesthetics and functionality. With their silicone sheath, they offer greater flexibility compared to traditional PVC cables, while maintaining performance and safety. Whether you're working on a domestic lighting project or you're a professional in the industry, Ultra Soft cables provide you with the ultimate high-quality and reliable option for your lighting creations.

Dress your pendant lamps, chandeliers, or plug-in lamps with elegance and refinement using Creative-Cables' Ultra Soft lighting cables. Choose from the wide range of available colors and enjoy the flexibility and convenience offered by these cables. If you're looking for the best for your spaces, opt for cables that perfectly adapt to your lighting needs, without ugly folds. Discover the quality and elegance of Creative-Cables' Ultra Soft cables and transform your lighting into a unique experience.


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