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  • Give your lamp a boost of colour by combining the 6 colours of Creative Plug with the different options of Creative Switch. We're sure you'll also find the perfect combination with one of our cables such as Vertigo (a Creative-Cables exclusive) to personalise your lamp in every detail, even the plug! Creative European Plug is compatible with all our...
  • thermoplastic European socket 10 A 2P 250 V - Axial cable outlet. Suitable for indoor use.
  • Italian plug in thermoplastic, 2 Poles for connection to the power socket, provided with insulating screw cable clamp. Axial cable outlet. Suitable for domestic use.
  • thermoplastic Italian plug 10 A 2P 250 V - Axial cable outlet. Equipped with insulating screw cable clamp. Suitable for indoor use.
  • This plug is ideal to composing in autonomy your lampshade wirings or to create lamps that are to be connected directly to the power outlet.
  • Sometimes the smallest idea can make the biggest difference: that's the case with the Schuko plug, that comes with a ring to make it easier and safer to insert and extract plug from socket. Schuko is easily assembled, as it is held together by one screw, making wiring that much easier.
  • Fused UK plug, rewirable type suitable for class I - II appliances.
  • EIVA is the outdoor lighting system designed by Creative-Cables that allows you to create customised lighting according to your needs and style, relying on the safety of a fully water and rainproof product. This black plastic Schuko plug may be used to create lighting with outdoor cables and EIVA system components, without needing to change your...
  • Lumet
    Lumet System is the solution by Creative-Cables created specifically to illuminate gardens, terraces and gazebos!This black thermoplastic French-German plug is specifically designed to compose your Lumet string lights on your own.It is used to create a plug in Lumet string lighting installation.
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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