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A smart ceiling rose is the "connected" version of lighting rose: it can be used to create a remotely controllable pendant, wall, or ceiling lamps using an App or voice assistants.
If you already live in a smart home, are a home automation enthusiast, or would like to start making your home "smart", our assortment of smart ceiling roses was made for you! Choose the size of the ceiling rose (classic or XXL), the number of holes you need to create your lamp (up to 14 pendants!), and the finish that best matches your interior design style, and have fun creating your own connected lamp!
All the Creative-Cables smart ceiling roses are equipped with an ON/OFF switch already wired and ready to be easily connected to your electrical system, they can be controlled through the Smart Life app or connected to a voice assistant (they are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home) and help you create lighting groups for custom scenes and atmospheres.


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