Magnetico®-Plug Elegant, ready-to-use magnetic lamp holder

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Magnetico®-Plug Elegant is a magnetic lamp holder with E27 connection that can adhere to any flat ferrous surface, no matter if vertical or horizontal!
It can be moved and oriented as required and can be transformed into a table or wall lamp in just a few seconds.

Ready to use, it is equipped with a double-polar switch and plug and 3 metres of cable: have fun playing with the colours of the new Elegant palette and make the lighting of your home more flexible.

To fix Magnetico®-Plug Elegant on a non-ferrous surface, you can use the metal washer (included in the kit) or the two special accessories: Magnetico®-Shelf and Magnetico®-Base (not included).

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Ready-to-use magnetic lamp holder:
Cable type: H03VV 300/300V 2x0.75
Cable length: 3 m (distance between plug and switch 2.5 m and distance between switch and lamp holder 0.5 m)
Lamp holder length: 15.6 cm
Lamp holder diameter: 2,5 cm
Lamp holder: E27
Plug type: 2 poles 2.5 A
Switch type: Bipolar infracave
Plug and Switch colour depending on the selected finish: White, Black or Transparent

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