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Our name is Creative-Cables, we are Italian, and since 2014 we have delighted in illuminating the places you love. Here you will find thousands of cables, components, and accessories to envision, design, and purchase your dream lamp: but that's not all! If you would prefer a ready-to-use solution, our catalogue features hundreds of lamps, each with its own distinct style. We offer tutorials, special content, inspirations to help you navigate the world of lighting solutions. Furthermore, all of our technical-commercial staff are genuinely at the service of your creativity and are ready to respond to your requests via chat, phone or email.

At Creative-Cables, we believe in lighting that is

  • customisable: where there's a will, there's a way in 99.99% of cases
  • fun: colours, patterns, finishes, and shapes to inspire your creativity
  • affordable: we are committed to creating designs that are accessible to all

Numbers matter! Here are ours:

  • we sell 20,000 products that can be combined into over 50,000 variations
  • we prepare and ship 250 orders each day
  • our network includes 24 sites
  • we communicate in 14 languages
  • we have opened 6 flagship stores in Italy and 3 around the world
  • we are ranked among the 350 Italian companies and the 1000 European companies with the highest growth rate: as reported by Il Sole 24 ore and the Financial Times

Don't forget to visit us in one of our official flagship stores

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